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Contemplating Earth

Nuevo curso online en inglés preparado por Jim Green

Una respuesta contemplativa ante la emergencia climática

This course – Contemplating Earth – has a particular scope and intention. We want to focus on a fundamental aspect of the human response to this stark uncovering of our current endangered situation. Because the challenge now facing us is so total – so immediate and vast – there are many ways of trying to approach and understand it. The course will not ignore the different perspectives on this global existential threat: scientific, political, social, ecological, cultural and economic languages are all central in addressing the great danger of our times. We hope that some references in the text and the embedded links to opportunities for further exploration will point you in whichever direction your interest and enthusiasm takes you. Primarily, though, the course wants to explore the ways in which the shared practice of contemplation might be fundamental in enabling us to authentically engage with all those many areas of human discourse, to act wisely and urgently in our politics, to live through this current crisis – fully, creatively and collectively.

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